How Virtual Reality and Additive Manufacturing helped us prototype Hexidome in an apartment in New York

While the birth of 3D printing technology was a massive cost reduction in prototyping, some products yet need further tools for a basic illustration of the idea, market and human-interaction. 

We used a regular FFF 3D printer with white PLA to produce a 1/12th scale prototype of a 25 ft diameter dome. For the prototyping purposes a new structure profile needed to be designed, something that fits the 3D printer's capability, tolerance and proper size fastening tooling. 


After the design for 3D printing was ready, all pieces were 3D printed with the same slicing setup.

When the parts were all 3D printed, with a quick and easy fastening solution, it all came together.


In order to convey the feeling of the perspective, we printed scaled figures and furniture. 

There is more to be shown to investors and potential clients. The actual feeling of the interior. We designed the whole dome in Virtual Reality software, Unreal Engine and by using Oculus Rift headset, presented the structure in virtual world.