Hexidome's design is inspired by:

1- Plants

2- Earth

3- Beehive

Plants give life to our round planet. Inspired by nature, Hexidome is in constant growth with the earth, customizable and infinite engineering and architectural wisdom, natural structure that has been proved to be the strongest in nature. 




Hexidome's mission is simply to help save our beloved planet by creating eco friendly, off-grid and sustainable houses, with extraordinary view and numerous extra practical and aesthetic options to add. 

4 major


Dome houses have 4 major advantages compared to conventional cubic houses. In the image below it briefly explains. The sphere shape helps the structure to push back the wind, it also creates a high wind velocity point right on top which makes it a perfect spot for wind turbine. 

The temperature is uniformly dissipated in the dome and naturally the air circulates inside from bottom up. This allows us to keep the temperature static at all times with only 1 air conditioning system powered by the solar panels or wind turbine.

Other than the fact that the dome generates more electricity from solar energy, it consumes less electricity for lighting. It does not have dead spots or corners, hence with a single light in the center of each floor, it lights up the whole level. The extra generated electricity can be sold to the grid. 


Creator & Founder: 

Amin Hasani

New York, NY 10019 

+1 (646) 724 - 9812

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