Domes have numerous advantages compared to conventional houses. To name a few

  • Maximum solar energy efficiency

  • Less material for construction

  • Less electricity to light up the interior

  • Customizable view

  • Natural air circulation inside

Solar Energy

The round shape of Hexidome allows the solar panels to generate the maximum energy at different hours during the day. Depending on the location of Hexidome, our team of engineers and architects will locate the perfect spots on exterior to place solar panels for highest efficiency, 

Conventional houses have many corners and dead spots. Hexidome is all open, receives light from all angles, it requires the minimum electricity at night.

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The structure does not require cranes, tripods or any machines to assemble. Starting from bottom up the structure is assembled in less than 1 to 3 days depending on the diameter size. Any additional options such as concrete flooring or partitioning will add construction time.

It is a clear fact that a cube's surface is more than sphere's surface at same footprint. Hexidome consumes 23% less material than a conventional cubic house in order to create the same square footage.

Smart Glass Panels

Shades are antiquated. Hexidome uses smart glasses and an app on your smartphone. with a touch of a button you can create privacy, custom design your pattern of blur glasses. 

Every panel is separate and can be made of a wide range of materials, options, colors, etc. Our team of designers will help you custom design it by your choice.

Creator & Founder: 

Amin Hasani

New York, NY 10019 

+1 (646) 724 - 9812

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